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What Concrete Services Do We Offer?

Let’s start with what makes up our concrete services that allows us top the top rated concrete services to our Houston area customers in the first place.

We’re a company made up of quality professional people. These are people that make up our concrete crew that delivers top rated concrete services. Experienced owners to lead and provide a work environment that allows for its crew members to ability to safely perform their specialty trade each and every day. 

This crew has the ability to ensure processes are followed in order to delivery the customer an end product that not only looks good but performs to specifications and last for years and years. The owner and the crew know how important it is the accurately shoot the grade and set the slope just right to allow for the water to drain properly for example.

Houston Concrete Contractor Services

Then you have to ensure the concrete forms are build correctly to hold the line for the day concrete is scheduled to be poured. Then its up to our finishers to work their craft to use the tools of the to give the concrete that great concrete finish (smooth or broom swept  finish with or without an finished edge). 

Okay, there is a number of steps and details our crew goes through each and every day to deliver a positive experience for our customers. Like excavating, removing surface vegetation and topsoil material to prepare the subgrade for construction. I’ll leave those details for a more in depth blog post.

Our concrete company’s services involves primarily helping residential customers with their driveways, patios, walkways and sidewalks. We install new slabs, repair cracked and damaged surfaces and replace with new concrete. We offer options like stamped and stained for those people with a slightly larger budget to spend looking for decorative options.

Parking Lot Installation and Repair

Then we can get into helping property owners with parking lot installation and repairs. Buildings, storage facilities, apartment complexes and warehouses need to be able to maintain their concrete surface to prevent hazard conditions throughout the property for vehicles and pedestrians. If you have potholes that need to be repaired. We can saw cut the damaged areas and pour back new concrete in the same day. 

Concrete Slab Foundation Construction

Do you need a concrete foundation build for a room addition, garage slab, home or retail shopping center. Get us your building plans, drawings, prints and concrete specifications. We’ll be glad to look them over in order to provide you a written quote.

We proudly service all through out the Houston and surrounding areas. If you need a concrete contractor experienced with residential, commercial and industrial concrete services. Give us a call to schedule a free estimate today. You can reach one of our estimators by calling (713) 936-4690.