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Quality Concrete Sidewalk Repair

Is your sidewalk slab in need of repair or replacement? Did you receive a trip hazard violation/removal notice from your Homeowners Association (HOA)? We can definitely help fix cracked, lifted, crumbling or uneven sidewalks and walkway areas.

We are your local concrete contractor offering quality solutions to fix and repair cracked concrete sidewalks for Spring and Houston Texas area residents.

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Cracked Concrete Sidewalk Repair Services

Homeowner’s in Houston and the Spring TX area experience the same maintenance issues as any other property owner when after a number of years or damage from tree roots.

Concrete surfaces like sidewalks need to be repaired.

You’ll want to call a local concrete company with experience in breaking up cracked, crumbling or damaged concrete slabs and replacing it with new ready mix concrete.

Make sure you get a written estimate from the contractor outlining how they will be installing rebar in your new sidewalk to reinforce the concrete.

image of crew removing trip hazard concrete sidewalk

If you need more information on replacing or repairing sidewalk sections or walkways in and around your home.

Give us a call to request a free cost estimate.

Fixing Trip Hazards - Permanent Repairs

Settling creates uneven or crumbling surfaces that often result in dangerous trip hazards at your property.
Trip hazards on uneven or raised concrete poses a potential liability threats to whoever is responsible for the sidewalk.

Don’t delay or fail to to make such repairs to avoid receiving potentially threatening cancellation of your policy from insurance companies.